Nate Burleson and Robert Montalvo joined together in 2012 to create Lionblood, a clothing brand that represents the trendsetters who carry themselves with royalty and pride.

Nate and Robert were destined to be a team since their friendship began in 2006. As leaders in entrepreneurship and their personal lives, these men have been unafraid to bend the rules of fashion and are fearless when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Combined with their love for God, their families and success, Nate and Robert knew they would form a partnership that would lead them to embark on their next successful business venture.

While Lionblood’s name is steeped in Detroit tradition, the line was created in mind for all fashion-conscious individuals worldwide who appreciate quality clothing and won’t settle for anything but the best. Since LionBlood’s launch in June 2013, the company has gained attention from national media outlets and plans to expand into additional product categories in the near future. Thank you to all Lionblood supporters who are inspiring the company to grow every day.

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    Nathaniel Burleson

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