Lionblood is a lifestyle brand that represents individuals who are fearless. They have boundless courage that pushes them to try harder and pride that drives them to never quit until they succeed.  People who have Lionblood in their DNA are destined to be Champions.  They will themselves to victory. Whether on the field, in the boardroom or on the court, be Royal in your surroundings and fearless in your style.

Nate and Robert were destined to be a team since their friendship began in 2006. As leaders in entrepreneurship and their personal lives, these men have been unafraid to bend the rules of fashion and are fearless when it comes to standing out from the crowd. Combined with their love for God, their families and success, Nate and Robert knew they would form a partnership that would lead them to embark on their next successful business venture.

  • Natefeatured
    Nathaniel Burleson

    The LionBlood brand is more than just a name for Nate Burleson, an NFL wide receiver and co-founder of Lionblood Clothing Co. Born on Aug. …

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    Robert Montalvo

    Robert Montalvo is a fashion industry impresario whose work has been seen in stores and boutiques nationwide. He got his start in 1992 by creating …